Booking Information

When you have selected a property from our website, simply contact us either by telephone on 01304 610384, or by email at , or through our contact form.

When you are ready to book one of our properties, we will send you a booking form.

Letting period

The standard letting period is from mid-day Saturday 9th July until mid-day Monday 18th July 2011. In certain circumstances and with the mutual agreement of both homeowner and tenant the term stated in the letting agreement may be extended.

The Rental

Includes electricity, gas or oil consumed during the period of the rental. It also includes the telephone rental, local council tax and insurance of the property. However, you will be required to pay for any telephone calls made during your stay, and will be sent an itemised bill shortly after your stay.


  1. When you book you must pay a refundable security deposit which is the equivalent to 30% of the total rent (30%)
  2. You must then pay the full rental amount to our offices. No later than 11th April, 2011 (100%)
    Total payable before 11th April, 2011 (130%)
  3. If you book after 11th April 2011, you will be required to pay the full refundable security deposit/ rental amount (130% of the rent) when you make your booking.
  4. Methods of payment will be stated on the booking form.


If you cancel the letting agreement before11th April 2011, you will forfeit the 30% security deposit. This will then be payable to the owner, less Colebrook Sturrock’s fees, subject to VAT.

If you cancel after 11th April 2011 and full payment has been received, then you will only have the security deposit returned. The rent is forfeited in full and will be paid to the property owner, less our fees. However, in certain circumstances, should the property be re-let, we will return the rental less our standard 12.5% to the tenant.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions before confirming your booking with us.